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The Delta delivers comfort and safety for use in manufacturing and industrial areas, featuring a composite safety toe, yet still good looking to wear in the office. Made with durable leather and featuring our exclusive Ascent Comfort Zoneshock-absorbing outsole. Removable PU insole and an integrated midfoot stabiliser provide comfort and arch support.

Workboots you can run in!

AS/NZS 2210.3-2009 TYPE 1 E WRU SRA

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Safety Standards





Safety Standards

  • CI: Insulation of Sole Against Cold

    Benefit: Temperature insulation for your feet when working in cold environments.

    What is it: Australian Standards 2210.3:2009 Additional Classification. Insulation of Sole Against Cold. Inside of shoe is insulated against cold when put in a cold box at minus 17ºC for 30 minutes.

    Where is it: Whole shoe

  • E: Energy Absorption

    Benefit: Superior shock absorption under the heel. See ‘Cushioning’ below for more details.

    What is it: Australian Standards 2210.3:2009 Additional Classification. Energy Absorption of Seat Region. Passes the test for shock absorption under the heel.

    Where is it: Under the heel

  • EH: Electric Hazard Resistant Footwear

    Benefit: Provides a secondary source of electric hazard protection if stepping on live electrical circuits, electrically energised conductors, parts or apparatus.

    What is it: USA Standards ASTMF2413 Additional Classification. Electric Hazard Resistant Footwear. No current flow or leakage of current in excess of 1.0mA under DRY conditions when applying 18,000V at 60Hz for 1 minute.

    Where is it: Through the sole of the boot

  • HI: Insulation of Sole Against Heat

    Benefit: Temperature insulation for your feet when working in hot environments.

    What is it: Australian Standards 2210.3:2009 Additional Classification. Insulation of Sole Against Heat. Inside of shoe is insulated against heat when put in a sandbath at approximately 150C.

    Where is it: Whole shoe

  • HRO: Resistant to Hot Contact (300ºC)

    Benefit: Ideal for people occasionally stepping on hot surfaces/objects while working.

    What is it: Australian Standards 2210.3:2009 Additional Classification. Resistance to Hot Contact. Outsole does not melt, char, crack or craze when coming in contact with 300ºC surface for one minute.

    Where is it: Outsole

  • SRA: Slip Resistant with Water on Ceramic Tiles

    Benefit: Provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent a fall when working on soapy wet tiles.

    What is it: Australian Standards 2210.3:2009 Additional Classification. SLS (soapy water) solution on ceramic tile test. Slip resistance coefficient only heel contact is > 0.28, and slip resistance coefficient with whole shoe flat contact is > 0.32.

    Where is it: Outsole


  • Oil Resistant Rubber

    Benefit: Oil and abrasion resistant

    What is it: Specially formulated vulcanized rubber, custom shaped with a tread pattern

    Where is it: On the bottom of the shoe where it contacts the ground.


  • Arch Support Insole (PU)

    Benefit: Arch support insole with increased arch support and more cushioning. Longer lasting than other insole materials. Removable, and so able to be replaced with orthotics if needed.

    What is it: Polyurethane sponge formed to cup around the heel and under the arch (thicker under the arch than our normal arch support insole providing more support).

    Where is it: Inside the shoe, directly under the foot.


    Benefit: Cushions and absorbs shock that over time causes bone and muscle trauma.

    What is it: Specially formulated long lasting, soft foam material

    Where is it: Typically placed within the midsole of the shoe underneath the foot, in the heel and forefoot areas.

  • PORON®

    Benefit: High shock absorption, low compression (long lasting cushioning)

    What is it: Specially formulated foam material by PORON.

    Where is it: Placed directly under the insole inside the shoe in high impact areas in the forefoot and the heel.

  • PU

    Benefit: Provides and excellent balance of shock absorption (cushioning) and energy return (rebound). These cushioning and rebound properties are longer lasting than other cushioning foams.

    What is it: Polyurethane sponge.

    Where is it: The midsole of the shoe, which is the part under the foot, between the outsole and the upper.


  • Thermoplastic Heel Counter

    Benefit: Supports the ankle and holds the heel firmly in place, providing excellent stability when the foot first strikes the ground. A firm heel counter is essential for fundamental support and stability.

    What is it: Rigid plastic material that is shaped to match the contours of your heel.

    Where is it: Inside the upper part of the shoe, surrounding the back and sides of the heel.


  • Composite Safety Toe Cap

    Benefit: 200 Joule impact & compression protection. Lighter than steel and provides superior insulation properties. Airport friendly.

    What is it: Epoxy fibreglass. Complies with all the Australian standards for Type 1 impact resistance and compression resistance (AS/NZS 2210.3:2009).

  • DRILEX® Lining

    Benefit: Wicks sweat away from the foot, and its anti-bacterial properties control odour inside the shoe.

    What is it: Specially treated textile lining (patented technology by DRILEX).

    Where is it: Inside the upper of the shoe. The lining is the part of the upper that is closest to the foot.

  • Full Grain Leather

    Benefit: Hard wearing and breathable, becoming richer and deeper with wear, molding and adapting to your foot like no other material. Resistant to high temperatures, resistant to tearing, cracking, and peeling. It’s naturally insulating, but also breathable.

    What is it: Natural full grain cow hide, tanned and dyed through with authentic techniques. This is the premium grade of leather.

    Where is it: On the upper (top part)

  • TPU Scuff Cap

    Benefit: Prevents holes forming in the toe of the work boot from scuffing and exposing the safety cap. For tough work environments.

    What is it: Moulded thermoplastic urethane cap over the top of the leather upper.

    Where is it: Over the toe area of the upper of the boot.

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